Terms of References (ToR) for Project Evaluation

Go International is a European Union (EU) funded three year project being implemented by Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) as lead agency in partnership with Centric Austria International (CAI) as international partner and World Vision Advocacy Forum (WVAF) as national partner, started from January 2013. The project has been prepared to support the Nepal Trade Integration Strategy (NTIS-2010) in line with the Trade Facilitation and Economic Capacity Building of EU to Nepal (2007-2013) for improving trade and export opportunities on identified goods and services for inclusive growth and employment generation in Nepal.  The overall objective of the project is to improve the livelihoods of marginalized, poor and women would be entrepreneurs through Inclusive Economic Growth in Nepal

The outcome is to contribute in establishment of Regional Services Development Centres (SDCs) for Trade Advisory Services (TAS) and Business Development Services (BDS) including information sharing, networking, exchange of good practices and trade business opportunities.

  • Result (1): Establishment of SDCs and their functioning in the five districts.
  • Result (2): Export Services Information portal installed for both Nepali exporters and international importers, hosted and maintained centrally by CNI secretariat.
  • Results (3): 100 business plans developed for women and youth would-be entrepreneurs.
  • Result (4): Export business plans for 250 SMEs finalised and assisted with market links.
  • Result (5): "One district-one product" concept sensitization through campaigns enforced in ten districts of five regions.

Target Groups in the project are: CNI chapters, SMEs, Traders, Associations and Government Agencies.
The project has identified ten products namely Tea (Ilam) and Cardamom (Panchathar) from EDR of Nepal, Silver Jewellery (Lalitpur) and Ginger (Palpa) from CDR, Chyangra Pashmina Product (Kathmandu) and Tourism (Rupandehi) from WDR, Medicinal Herbs/Essential Oils (Jumla) and Lentil (Banke) from MWDR and Handmade Paper/Paper Products (Dadeldhura) and Wool Products (Darchula) from FWDR.
The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI), is a representative body of private sector, is the lead agency for this project, World Vision Advocacy Forum (WVAF) is a national level non-governmental organization, dedicated to advocating and strengthening the capacity of women, and poor and excluded communities to claim their rights to participate in decisions and influence public policy. The Center for Environmental Training and International Consulting (CAI), Austria-based agency, develops and implements capacity building projects and provides related technical assistance on emerging market countries.
With this background, Go International Project is going to hire a consultant to conduct Final Project Evaluation to be completed within stipulated time. Terms of reference (ToR) is as here under,

Consultant will carry Final Project Evaluation as mentioned below but not limiting to:


  1. Assess the baseline Study report, Training Needs Assessment Report, SWOT analysis report, Impact Assessment Report, Business Plans and Enterprise Development training reports in relation with the Project Objectives, activities.
  2. Prepare questionnaire to measure all the indicators goven in the log farme ( Review Project Document and Baseline Report)
  3. Conduct the Survey and analyse the conditions compared to the bBaseline and interpret the reasons.
  4. Consult both national and international project partners related in achieving the objectives laid regarding national and international market issues.
  5. Finalise the methodology with Project team and consult partners with a view to:
    1. Review the documents including the Project Documents, Annual Reports, Monitoring Framework, public Communications outreach, Steering  Committee members,
    2. Develop Evaluation Questionnaires
    3. Conduct interviews with the local stakeholders including Project team, stakeholders, beneficiaries, producers and exporters.
  6. Carryout in-depth post project evaluation of different activities - a) stakeholder meeting    at least one centre participated by about 10 SMEs. b) training participants c) workshop/interaction.
  7. Identify result-wise impacts and evaluate its usefulness to the concerned stakeholders.
  8. Overview the sustainability of the Project activities once the Project is withdrawn of recommend suggestions for furthering how the new activities can dove tail with NTIS 2015.
  9. Present the major findingsa in the the final workshop in Kathmandu once the report is finalised


  1. Report both:  hard and soft copy – Inception Report - 2 copies by 15 days from the signing of the Contract, Draft Final Report- 3 Copes by the 50 from signing of Agreement that at each stage CNI will take three days to comment.


  1. Visit all the SDC districts
  2. Meet  key SDC-CC members
  3. Small entrepreneurs
  4. Project Team (CNI and WVAF)
  5. Traders/Associations/Cooperatives

Total 60 working days

E. Qualifications:
Masters Degree in relevant subject with five years of relevant experience