Far Western Trade Fair- Kanchanpur

The trade fair was organized mainly by  Confederation of Nepalese Industries  & assisted  by Industry & supply ministry ( Government of Nepal)  cottage industry development fund , Nepal Tourism Board  from  dated Falgun 1st to 11, 2071 (February 13-23, 2015) on the open Munch of Bhim Datt Municipality in Kanchanpur district. Go International Project  also project took part  in the Exhibition taking coordination with the organizer. In this Exhibition Go- International Project kept the stalls regarding Nepali Handmade papers from Dadeldhura, Woolen products from Darchula district. Go –International Project approved & consulted the traders concerning Mahendranagar .The project provided the information’s regarding the Nepali Handmade papers also woolen products. The Project advertised about the products & provided the audience or observers about the aim & vision of the program nearly two lakhs people observed   the Exhibition. Woolen things & handmade paper were sold and distributed.
The Main purpose of the exhibition is to advertise demonstrate & sell the products .About 195 stall including Go International Project were kept in the trade fair. During demonstration in the Exhibition main participation was taken place by Rajendra Prasad Joshi Manager of Service development Centre, Go International Project Mahendranagar.