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CNI and Go International Project have selected Midwest region especially for Lentil from Banke and Medicinal Herbs and Essential Oil from Jumla. Jumla is a hilly area and center collection point of medicinal herbs. Especially all the hilly zone of mid west region is familiar of medicinal herbs and everywhere found medicinal herbs but Jumla is linked with Nepalgunj in two way one is air and second is road way.  Nepalgunj is a transitional point of international export.
In case of Lentils, Banke district is also known as a high lentil producing district. Nepalgunj is a major place of lentil export because here are lots of big lentil export companies. 
SDC meeting identified the current situation of lentil and herbal product. Its production, collection, export quality and quantity, related problems. After identifying these problems, upcoming meetings will decided for further actions to be taken relating to smooth export for these Product.

Service Development Coordination Committee:

SN Name Representation From
1 Mr. Ratan Kumar Tandon CNI Nepalgunj
2 Mr. Vimal Siddharth Baid CNI Nepalgunj
3 Mr.Pardeep K. Chajed Lentil exporter
4 Mr. Sanjay K. Jain Herbal and Essential Oil Producer and Exporter
5 Mr. Rabindra Nath Sukla Herbal exporter
6 Mr. Vijay Thapa Member Secretary, SDC Manager, CNI-GI Project


Contact Detail of SDC:
Mr. Vijay Thapa
SDC Manager, Go International Project, CNI
Nepalgunj, Banke
Mobile No. 9848201146